SeaQL Information
June 2017

We bought the boat about three years ago, and had it refurbished at the Shell Point Marina, in Ruskin. The bottom was redone at that time and the hull was painted.

The first two photos were taken the Shell Point Marina in September 2014, as the boat was being relaunched. The rest of the photos were taken recently.

We replaced the mainsail with a used sail in better condition.

The boat has been in a slip at Boca Ciega Yacht Club since September 2014, and the bottom has been cleaned monthly.

Negatives about the boat?
To start, it is 38 years old. The interior is a bit grubby. I suspect the upholstery is original. (See interior photos.)

The interior wood is not great. One piece is peeling badly. (If I were to keep the boat I would replace it.) You can see this in one of the interior photos.

The shift lever consists of a steel rod, with a plastic extension where you hold it. The plastic extension has broken off. I have repaired it with super glue and duct tape, but it doesn’t look very good and could potentially break again.

The original depth gauge and wind speed indicator do not work. We added a new depth gauge three years ago when we bought the boat and had it refurbrished. But at last check, the new depth gauge was not working.

The forward hatch can't be set partially open. You have to open it all the way, flipped over onto the deck if you open it at all.

The exterior wood needs to be refinished. We had it refinished three years ago, but after three years of exposure it is starting to peel. (You can see this in some of the exterior photos.)

I have never used the VHF radio. I don't know if it works or not.

There is an alcohol stove in the galley. I have never used it, and don't know if it works.

The title is in my name, and the Florida registration is current.

Method of Payment
Bank certified check.

Why am I selling it?
I bought the boat with two sons three years ago, in a burst of enthusiasm. But we have not used it very much. The women in our lives have not been particularly eager to sail. We are paying over $300 per month for slip rental, plus more for monthly bottom cleaning and general maintenance. So we have decided that we are not getting benefits from it commensurate with the cost.

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